Who chooses a profit, deprives himself of love.
Who chooses love, the fortune will eventually come.
Luule Wiilma

Those, who love, do not look for easy ways. That is why we have
abandoned the massive, conveyor production and make all our
products with our own hands. This ancient method makes it possible
to achieve perfection which you open in each package of “Galician traditions”.
It also gives an opportunity to put up a soul in what we do.

So we don’t spread ourselves to thin and create limited series in order for
you to feel that these products are special ones. Every stage of its creation is
thoughtful, careful, skillful and inspired. After cooking pasta “Galician traditions”
and treating your family, you can feel that by your own. Unique taste, rich in
energy of hard wheat varieties, overwhelmed with generosity, enriched with
the best emotions of its creators is made from all our heart to your table.
Share delicious and share love together with “Galician traditions”.